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I was reckless, without a care in the world. Until I met Tiff, we instantly clicked and everything changed!

All I did was get rid of a creeper for her, but I didn’t realize I was scooping up a Hollywood starlet lost in deep, dark pain.

When I came to know her pains all I wanted to do was heal her.

Then I found out who she really was!

I just patched into the Malicious Monks MC and Tiff is blood with Voodoo Souls MC, our arch rivals!

Things are going to get thick, but I hope I’m not forced to choose between my brothers and the woman I love.


When Stax get’s locked up, I have no choice but to go to the one person most wouldn’t dare to go to.

Don Jancinto is a vicious drug lord who wouldn’t bat an eye burning us.

I know I’m playing with fire, but I can’t let my brother be locked up like an animal.

When I meet Gloria, a woman who works for the Don, I’m blown away!

But I know her type…she’s trouble!

And she won’t let off.

I learn about the deadly past that forces her to continue down a destructive past.

The connection between us is hot enough to get to an icebox like me.

Being with her can ruin the deal with the Don.

Will I be able to resist?


A captured woman. A savage biker. Two hearts come together to make an incredible transformation…

All I care about is gettin’ into action and knockin’ some heads around.

That’s just who I’ve always been.

But when I snatch up the daughter of the Tigers MC’s Pres, things get thick and MC brothers aren’t cool with it.

It’s nothing I can’t handle, but things change when Liz opens up to me…

Our connection…it’s different.

She understands the burden I carry from my days on the battlefield.

That’s a rare thing for a vet to find.

Now I have a choice to make, do I risk my MC or turn away my soulmate?



I found hell in a box, her name was Karina.

The cartel savages left her behind with our shipment.

Those scared brown eyes did something to me, from the very moment that I saw them.

I could see she was wounded, deeply.

The look on her face told me everything I needed to know.

When she speaks, she confirms my suspicion.

I’m thrown off by her request to be taken back to her captor, but who am I to stop her.

In the midst of it, I end up doing something that threatens the safety of the Malicious Monks MC.

Is she worth the risk she poses to my MC brother?



I knew when I first saw her, she was trouble and she wouldn’t be good for me.

But the way that cigarette left her lips, tantalized me. This beauty had me by the throat, I couldn’t get enough of her.

She was gorgeous, but she was also the enemy.

With all the heat around our motorcycle club, I knew falling for her would only make things worse.

Her eyes, her lips and that hair, I knew it would be a terrible mistake, but I had to have her!


He didn’t seem like the rest of the bikers, he was different, like he was just stuck with the wrong group and that’s what I liked about him.

He seemed innocent and gullible enough to help me with my plan to spy on his MC for Jacinto.

After I got some intel, the plan was to dump him, but the way he looks at me makes me feel like I’m his prisoner. I’m not so sure I want to break free…

Will Pipe and Bronx be able to withstand the heat from their crews, or will they have to walk away from each other for a greater cause?



I’m the president of the Malicious Monks MC.
Leading a motorcycle club means having to be strong for these bikers.
Being a leader means not reacting on a whim, but when I saw her face I couldn’t help but wrap my hands around her throat.
I hated her!
She ruined my life and I wanted her to pay.
But deep down inside I felt uneasy, like maybe I wasn’t doing the right thing.
Could the whole thing just be a terrible misunderstanding?



He’s the president of the Malicious Monks motorcycle club and he wanted to kill me, for something I didn’t even do.
I was furious with him, because the bastard wouldn't listen!
But in my twisted fashion I was strangely attracted to his cold beautiful eyes and that hard, rugged body.
I couldn’t get enough.
Being a woman hell bent on revenge, I had to stay focused if I wanted to get rid of the SOB who ruined my life.
Haunting me with pain since childhood, I finally had a chance to get’em.
But could I trust a biker who tried to kill me, to help me?