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Beast: MC Romance Age Gap (Wicked Kings New York 3) (Wicked Kings MC New York)

Beast: MC Romance Age Gap (Wicked Kings New York 3) (Wicked Kings MC New York)

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The Wicked Kings make their move to get their guns back and cripple the Sinful Souls business. Beast finds more than just guns being stored for sale in that garage. He knows it would cause trouble if he brought back anything extra, but he just couldn’t resist those baby blue eyes.


I found her. Helpless and alone.

How was I supposed to leave her behind?

Yeah, sure, I got crap for bringing her back to the clubhouse but screw anyone who thought it was a mistake for me to save the girl of my dream. If you saw her, you’d save her too!

Honestly, she was a bombshell. A freaking goddess chained up and left to the dogs – walking away just wasn’t an option – because as long as fear lived in those baby blue eyes, the world just wasn’t right.

It would take time. It would take a lot of patience. But by God, I would be there to help her heal.


I thought I was done for. Without a doubt, these bastards were going to kill me. I’d never see my friends or family again.

Oh, the things they did…

I just wanted to die.

But then came my knight in shining armor. He broke me free and gave me a home when I was all alone. He was my anchor in rough seas. He became my everything.

My Beast.

This Curvy Girl Motorcycle Romanceis the second book in the Wicked Kings New York series. One-Click NOW to come along for this fast, twisted action-packed ride, that will leave you breathless.

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Now that was great. Beast was a hero to Maya who was being sold. The Souls were stupid to get into human trafficking. Beast and Maya were two broken people who found solice in each other. It definitely sounds like they are soulmates. I can't believe that Maya would doubt that Beast would be a beast in the bedroom. Can't wait to see what happens since the Souls decided to attack the Kings. This is going to be great.