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Diesel : MC Romance Enemies to Lovers (Wicked Kings New York 1)

Diesel : MC Romance Enemies to Lovers (Wicked Kings New York 1)

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Karma Jenkins is caught in the crossfire of a war between her father’s MC, the Sinful Souls and the Wicked Kings MC. The Sinful Souls made a play against the Wicked Kings and the Wicked Kings are going to make them pay! But will Karma be enough leverage to make the Sinful Souls cave?


I was on the path to destruction and my whole world was crumbling around me, the only family I knew was gone in the blink of an eye, that is until the Wicked Kings MC took me in.
They took care of me when the rest of the world turned their backs on me.
I owed my life to the MC.
But, when they brought her in, everything changed.
Even though she was the enemy, I wanted her hot, sexy body badly!
Once I had a taste, she drew me deeper into her web…
I could spend the rest of my days with this woman, that is until I’m ordered to put a bullet in her head...


I can’t believe the Wicked Kings had the balls to snatch me up!
But, Daddy didn’t raise no fool, the minute I saw that salivating Prospect, I knew he was my ticket out.
Yeah, I gave him what he wanted and bound him to my spell.
I won’t lie, I definitely enjoyed him.
I may have felt a deeper connection, but I had to get out of there at any cost.
That is until I realized that Daddy threw me to the wolves, as he did with Mom.
Now all I want is sweet, sweet revenge, and the Wicked Kings are going to help me get it!

This is Enemies to Lovers Motorcycle Romance is the first book in the Wicked Kings MC series. One-click now to come along for this fast, twisted action-packed ride, that will leave you breathless.

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Customer Reviews

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Wow Ididn't see that coming

Great continuation of this story, it picks up where the prequel leaves off. I didn't expect that Diesel would not carry out an order to get his patch but he did. You never expect 2 rivals to get together but Karma wanted revenge on her father because he killed her in cold blood and he left her to fend for herself. Great story and I am loving this series.