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Author Autumn Summers

Empire of Shadows (Prequel)

Empire of Shadows (Prequel)

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In the Empire of Shadows, power and passion collide in a world where loyalty is tested, and darkness reveals it's true face.

Step into the dark and treacherous world of "Empire Of Shadows" In this gripping prequel, immerse yourself in the gritty and intense atmosphere of New York City's criminal underbelly, where power, passion, and betrayal collide.

Set against a noir-esque backdrop, follow the intertwined lives of King and Maxim, childhood friends turned leaders of their respective factions – the Iron Skulls MC and the Bykov Bratva.

With high stakes and deep emotions, this story unveils the origins of their deadly alliance and the forbidden romances that ignite within their turbulent lives. Experience the visceral sensory details, from the scent of cigar smoke to the taste of adrenaline-fueled fear.

Feel the tension through each character's emotions, as they navigate a treacherous landscape of power struggles and shifting alliances. Vivid descriptions of the rugged cityscape and the opulent dens of crime transport you into a world of shadows, where danger lurks at every turn. 

With a masterful blend of action, suspense, and fiery romance, "Empire of Shadows " sets the stage for the Iron Skulls MC and Bykov Bratva series. Discover the secrets and hidden desires that drive these captivating characters, as they embark on a journey that will shape their destinies and entangle their hearts.

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