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Author Autumn Summers

Ghost (Ruthless Savages: Las Vegas)[Book 5]

Ghost (Ruthless Savages: Las Vegas)[Book 5]

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"Love defies age. Brotherhood defies boundaries. In the world of the Ruthless Savages, one man's wisdom will guide them all. Discover the power of an extraordinary love in 'Ghost'."

In the thrilling MC romance 'Ghost,' experience the heart-pounding journey of Ghost, the wise and enigmatic Chaplain of the Ruthless Savages: Las Vegas. As the MC faces mounting threats from rivals, the Russians, and Homeland Security, Ghost finds himself torn between guiding his brothers and protecting his own heart.

Haunted by his past in Iraq and the takedown of his previous MC, Ghost's resilient spirit shines through. His presence commands respect, his wisdom revered by the Ruthless Savages. But when Violet, a recently divorced woman with her own demons, enters his world, their connection sparks a flame that defies the boundaries of age.

Amidst the chaos and danger that surround them, Ghost and Violet navigate an intense and forbidden romance. While their shared passion ignites their souls, their differences threaten to tear them apart. Ghost, a man shaped by war and sacrifice, must confront his own inner demons to show Violet the healing power of love.

As the MC battles rivals, confronts their own doubts, and risks everything for survival, Ghost and Violet's love story unfolds amidst the roar of motorcycles and the whispers of secrets. Can they overcome the odds stacked against them? Will their love endure the trials that threaten to tear them apart?

Experience a tale of loyalty, redemption, and the power of an unexpected love that transcends boundaries. With gripping suspense, sensual tension, and unforgettable characters, "Ghost" will leave you breathless, yearning for more, and believing in the extraordinary power of love to conquer all.

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