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Havoc: MC Romance Innocent Girl (Wicked Kings New York 2)

Havoc: MC Romance Innocent Girl (Wicked Kings New York 2)

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The Wicked Kings set up a ploy to get their guns back from the Sinful Souls. Using their strippers as a distraction, so they can slip in and take their shipment back, right under the Souls’ noses. That is until Havoc breaks through a window and puts a bullet in one of their knees. As far as Havoc’s concerned, he was just protecting Piper. But, that’s now how she see it.


I terrorize anything that gets in my way.

The funny thing is, trouble tends to find me wherever I go.

Like when a rival MC member tries to get fresh with the girl I’m trying to make mine.

Nah Buddy, bullet to the knee!

But that’s the problem, I wreak havoc everywhere I go...even when it comes to her.

My stupid decisions have her furious with me.

I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to make her mine now...


I moved to New York City thinking the Big Apple would make me a star, but boy did I quickly learn that the entertainment industry is full of sleazeballs!

I can’t go back to suburban Connecticut, so I decided to put my talents to good use and start stripping.

Not something I’d normally do, but having a group of loyal bikers protecting you, severely reduces the occupational hazards.

The MC is more loyal and caring than any friends or family I’ve ever known, they’ve become my real family.

Heck if I could get hitched to one of these sexy, alpha bikers, I won’t ever have to strip again.

I thought I found the right one, that is until he put me in the most terrifying position of my life...

This Innocent Girl Motorcycle Romance is the second book in the Wicked Kings New York seriesOne-Click NOW to come along for this fast, twisted action-packed ride, that will leave you breathless.

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Customer Reviews

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Great Book

Now that was very interesting. They take a woman with them to distract the guards not expecting the guards to rape her, that was pure stupidity. Piper and Havoc were definitely meant to be together, she brings out the best in him and he really loves her and he already showed her that he will protect her no matter what. Great continuation of this series I can't wait to see what happens next and hopefully they don't screw up too.