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Author Autumn Summers

Lawless Lust (Empire of Shadows: Iron Skulls MC)[Book 3]

Lawless Lust (Empire of Shadows: Iron Skulls MC)[Book 3]

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A dangerously intoxicating rescue romance unfolds when justice meets passion. When an MC Road Captin and a feisty prosecutor come together, their worlds collide in a dramatic explosion of lustful and danger.

Darko, an MC member with a keen sense of survival, finds himself irresistibly drawn to Ava, a fierce prosecutor with a killer reputation. But when danger lurks and old alliances are tested, Darko must choose between his heart and his club. In this world, love might be the most dangerous game of all.

Enter the gripping world of Iron Skulls MC once again, where boundaries are blurred, alliances are tested, and love knows no laws. When Darko, the MC's Vice President, crosses paths with Ava, a tough-as-nails prosecutor with a reputation for winning, it sets the stage for an electrifying romance that threatens to ignite an all-out war.

Ava is targeted for a case she's working on. Darko steps in, saving her life, and sparking an unlikely love story steeped in danger and desire. As Darko and Ava navigate the perils of their worlds colliding, the club is rocked by internal struggles and external threats.

Can love blossom amidst the anarchy, or will it wither in the face of relentless threats and betrayals? Darko and Ava’s rescue romance is a captivating dance between love and law, passion and peril, that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

takes you on a rollercoaster ride of raw passion, explosive action, and a love story as fierce as the protagonists. Brace yourself for an unforgettable journey through the MC underworld, where the only law is love.

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