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Outlaw (Ruthless Savages:SOCAL)[Book 2] | Motorcycle Club Romance

Outlaw (Ruthless Savages:SOCAL)[Book 2] | Motorcycle Club Romance

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As road captain of the Ruthless Savages Motorcycle Club, Outlaw never thought he'd find himself captivated by a beautiful dancer named Raven. But when she's shot and left vulnerable in the hospital, he can't help but feel a pull towards her.

Despite her tough exterior, Raven has a past full of trauma and pain. Outlaw is determined to be her protector and help her through her struggles, but as tensions rise between the MC and rival gangs, he realizes that his loyalty to the club maybe jeopardized by his commitment to her.

Will Outlaw be able to balance his MC duties and his love life?

Find out in this thrilling ride with the Ruthless Savages MC.

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