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Pistol (Ruthless Savages:SOCAL)[Book 1] | Motorcycle Club Romance

Pistol (Ruthless Savages:SOCAL)[Book 1] | Motorcycle Club Romance

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Pistol is the tough and strategic President of the Ruthless Savages Motorcycle Club, always in control and ready to protect his brothers at any cost. Roxy is a fiery woman with a troubled past, who finds herself drawn to the danger and excitement of the MC's world.

As they navigate their intense attraction, Roxy's true motives become unclear. She's hiding a secret that could tear the MC apart, and she struggles with the desire to take them down and her growing love for Pistol and the family he's created.

When a shipment of guns meant for the De Luca crime family get hijacked, the MC is called to action, and Roxy finds herself caught in the crosshairs. As tensions rise and bullets fly, she must decide where her loyalties truly lie.

'Pistol' is an intense and gripping MC romance, where love, danger, and betrayal collide. Will Roxy choose vengeance or her heart's desire? And can Pistol trust the woman he's fallen for, even when her intentions are shrouded in mystery?

Read it today and find out! 

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