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Saint: MC Romance President (Wicked Kings MC New York 6)

Saint: MC Romance President (Wicked Kings MC New York 6)

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They say that patience is a virtue… well, maybe that’s why they call me Saint because I’ve been waiting for way too long.

Always, I’ve placed the needs of others before my own, doing what needed to be done to ensure that the MC ran smoothly and loved ones were kept safe.

But at what cost?

And who says I can’t have my cake and eat it too?

Because, damn, I’m sick and tired of waiting. It’s time I get what I want for a change.

And I want her.


I thought for sure that sh*t was going to hit the fan.

With the cat out of the bag, there was no telling what was going to happen but I was counting on the worst because that’s usually how it goes.

But maybe, just maybe, this time will be different. Maybe my dreams aren’t totally out of reach after all.

I mean, he is right there – mine for the taking.

Will it all work out in the end?

Motorcycle Romance is the President’s story and the sixth book of the Wicked Kings New York seriesOne-Click NOW to come along for this fast, twisted action-packed ride, that will leave you breathless.

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Customer Reviews

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Great ending to the New York MC

Now that was a great ending to the New York saga of the Wicked Kings. Wow Tara is just like her mother Faith, she tells you like it is and then leaves. It was great that she put her foot down about being with Shiv even though Saint doesn't appove of it. I'm glad that Shiv told her he wanted to b with her even if it meant that Saint might kill him. Faith and Saint finally got back together and they needed to. I think they should have told Tara the truth from the start so she could make up her own mind about where she wanted to be. If you love a good dark MC romance then I recommend this series it is great.