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Author Autumn Summers

Seven (Ruthless Savages: Las Vegas)[Book 1]

Seven (Ruthless Savages: Las Vegas)[Book 1]

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Buckle up for an adrenaline-fueled ride through the dangerous underworld of "Seven (Ruthless Savages: Las Vegas) [Book 1]". In this explosive debut of the Ruthless Savages: Las Vegas series, Seven, a battle-hardened former Marine, wages a high-stakes battle to establish his motorcycle club in the heart of Las Vegas.


Joined by his loyal and charismatic friend Blaze, and with the unwavering support of Shadow, a fierce member of the Ruthless Savages MC SOCAL chapter, Seven is on a mission to create a brotherhood defined by loyalty, honor, and unbreakable bonds.


But in a city where power is measured in bloodshed, Seven finds himself caught in a web of rivalries, treachery, and territorial battles. As the ruthless turf wars escalate, he must lead his brothers through a treacherous maze of shifting loyalties, cunning adversaries, and shadowy alliances to protect their hard-earned reputation.


Amidst the chaos, Seven's path collides with Lily, a determined journalist intent on exposing the dark underbelly of the motorcycle club world. Their fateful meeting sparks an intense and forbidden love that blurs the lines between loyalty and desire. As their connection grows, Seven and Lily must confront the perils that come with their entangled lives and choose whether their love can withstand the unforgiving streets of Las Vegas.

 Within the Ruthless Savages MC, tensions simmer beneath the surface. Blaze, a trusted and enigmatic brother, grapples with his own ambitions, pushing the boundaries of loyalty and testing the strength of their brotherhood. And lurking in the shadows is Flask, a cunning and driven prospect, harboring a dark secret that could unravel everything Seven has fought for.

 As the rivalries ignite into all-out warfare and the Ruthless Savages MC becomes a prime target, Seven, Blaze, and their brothers must stand united in a fight for survival. Loyalties are tested, forged alliances are shattered, and the true measure of their brotherhood is unveiled in the face of relentless adversity. In a world where danger lurks around every corner, Seven and Lily must navigate a treacherous path strewn with passion, betrayal, and the ultimate quest for redemption.

 "Seven" delivers an electrifying and heart-pounding experience, blending the thrill of high-stakes action, the sizzle of an all-consuming romance, and the gritty authenticity of motorcycle club culture. Hold on tight as you plunge into a world where shadows conceal secrets, loyalties are tested, and love must battle against the odds. Are you ready to join the Ruthless Savages MC on their wild ride through the heart of sin city?

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