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Shiv: MC Romance Age Gap (Wicked Kings MC New York 5)

Shiv: MC Romance Age Gap (Wicked Kings MC New York 5)

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I ain’t the sort of man to mix business with pleasure. But there’s no reason why you can’t have both. Everything in its place, after all.

So, when business needs to get done – it gets done. If that means bashing in some heads and defending the club then I’ll be the first one to throw a punch. If it means dishing out justice to a traitor, I’d be the first to pull the trigger.

What about pleasure? Well, let’s just say that if a little lady says she wants to fuck then you fuck. No question about it.


I’ve always been at the bottom – helpless and defenseless. I kept waiting for a hero to come and save me, but I was starting to think that heroes were just men written about in fairytales.

And I’d be forever stuck in my nightmare.

But then came my knight in shining.

He changed everything.

And you wanna know a little secret? He does anything I tell him to do.

This Abused Heroine Motorcycle Romance is the third book in the Wicked Kings New York series. One-Click NOW to come along for this fast, twisted action-packed ride, that will leave you breathless.

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Customer Reviews

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Ok, now that was exciting, Shiv and Saint's daughter wow. Tara was being abused and she ran from the man who was doing it.She had been asking for years who her father was and was never told by either Faith or Saint. After she had sex with Shiv Saint came knocking and was going to take Shiv to get the man who was abusing Tara. But after she crawled out from under the bed Saint was about to kill Shiv because he was with his dauhgter. Hell of a way to find out who your dad is, she even threw her mom ad dad out of the room. At least Shiv still wanted her because he was making her his. It will be very interesting to see what happens in the next book.