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Author Autumn Summers

Taste of Shadows (Empire of Shadows: Bykov Bratva) [Book 1]

Taste of Shadows (Empire of Shadows: Bykov Bratva) [Book 1]

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"Love in the underworld — a dangerous game, an intoxicating journey, in this opposites attract mafia romance novella."

In a world where power reigns supreme, hardened enforcer Alexei lives by the law of the Bykov Bratva. Emily, a sweet baker, finds her world colliding with his when she becomes an unwitting pawn in a dangerous game. Drawn together by a magnetic attraction, they find their very different worlds not only colliding but merging. As the city's shadowed dangers unfold around Emily, and Alexei is torn between duty and desire, they must decide if love is worth the risk. Dive into the intoxicating blend of danger, passion, and contrasting worlds in this captivating tale of love against all odds.

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